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Maxim's Catering Services pursues high standard of quality by continually setting international standards of technological innovation, reliability, efficiency and performance. We accept nothing but top quality management as our key to success. A fully complied HACCP system has been accredited to our Tai Po Food Production Centre since 2004. Through quality assurance program, there is better guarantee of safety source of food and quality product.

We ensure that the manufacturing management system and operations by which all materials and components are subject to comprehensive regular checks at critical points and rigorous scrutiny throughout the food production process. We are concerned and seek to identify and meet customer requirements. We enthusiastically hope that all our customers are benefited from our services engagement.

Apart from HACCP system, Maxims' MGFHSC (Maxim's Guidelines of Food Hygiene & Safety Control) is the general guidelines of food hygiene & safety set by Maxim's Caterers Ltd. according to the rules of HACCP and GMP. It covers general guidelines on hygiene, food ordering and receiving, food preparation, cleaning and sanitizing, pest control, usage and storage of chemicals and personal hygiene.

Professional Team

We insist that our food will be tested and approved before being served to our customers. We provide standard recipes to control the sensory qualities of color, texture and flavor. We have a team of professionally trained and skillful chefs and managers to taste the food prepared by us every day to ensure the culinary qualities are maintained in our strictest standards. Our chefs evaluate the food in just the same way our demanding customers adopt. We always welcome suggestions from our customers for further perfection of our food quality.

Quality Assurance Team

We have a quality assurance team that owns over 40 professional members. They have strong academic background in Food Science and Technology. They are all fully trained with food safety and hygiene knowledge. They have strong knowledge in quality assurance systems and practices, such as HACCP, GMP and ISO 22000.

Food Safety, Hygiene & Professional Certification

It has always been our first priority to maintain a high standard of Food Hygiene and Safety. Maxim's Catering Services Division conducts more than 900 "Plant Temoin" (food safety tests) each month from every stage of the food manufacturing process at our own Food Laboratory.

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 22000
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Quality Water Recognition
  • ISP 9001
  • Halal Certificate